NaPoWriMo: Breathing

Published 01st April 2014 by viewsofpreethib

My first day for NaPoWriMo. At first I thought let me not go with the prompts on the very first day and maybe choose sometime later as I had written two poems last night and I wanted to post them. But then the crazy me who didn’t feel like giving up on the promt or on my poem ended up doing something really crazy. Which is, I searched for a painting that can go with the poem I had written last night. 😛

Excuse me this time, next time will try to do the normal way. 😉

I have chosen “At the Moutain Rouge, The Dance” by Henri De Toulouse Lautrec.

My reason or what I saw in this painting for choosing this for my poem is, I see the lady in the pink outfit looking at the people dancing and the below lines or poem what I have written are her thoughts that run in her mind while watching the dance.

At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Once upon a time,
Music and Dance was breathing.

There would be no day,
Time spent music and dance missing.

You came into life,
And changed the pattern of breathing.

Now clearly it seems,
You are the oxygen.

I spent my days and nights,
Thinking of you as your my breathing.

Since you have left,
Music and dance means nothing.


(c) by Preethi.B




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