NaPoWriMo: Sacrifice

Published 02nd April 2014 by viewsofpreethib

Second day for the NaPoWriMo and i am already very nervous. The prompt for the second day given by the NaPoWriMo is to visit Reb Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle and write a poem based on the quote that is provided by the oracle. So I  had to clear my mind first and then I clicked on the orb and the quote that came on my screen was “Trying to make sense of sacrifice is like watching  gravediggers bury something in the shade of trees” from “The Fate of the Saints” by Roy Bentley.

My last minute try to write  this poem based on the prompt. I am naming my poem as “Sacrifice”.


The, Shades of Sacrifies,
Are buried and forever forgotten.
Let’s open up a few pages,
To remind the shades of sacrifies…..

He, who is known as the son of lord,
Has sacrificed himself to mend the hearts,
She, who is known as Mother Teresa,
Has sacrificed her self to serve the unwell.

Those, who are known as the soldiers,
Has scarificed their life at war to safegaurd us,
They, who are known as the parents,
Has sacrificed a lot for well being of their children,

A child’s maturity at the age of ten,
The sacrifise of their dream for the parents,
A wife or husbands silence,
Their sacrifices when the other is in troubles.

A lover’s wait not knowing the other is fake,
The sacrifise of their emotions is un-measureable,
Wait, to reunite with a loved who is no-more,
Their sacrifice with their life is so move-able.

Shades of sacrifies are of many forms,
To descibe them time is not enough,
Trying to make sence of sacrifice,
Is as impossible to bring the dead to life.

Only those who are selfless,
Has the ability to sacrifice themselfs,
Don’t try to understand the reason for sacrifice,
Even the sane cannot understand the importance.

(c) by Preethi.B


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