NaPoWriMo: Shot by a bullet!

Published 15th April 2014 by viewsofpreethib

Day 15: Today’s prompt (optional, as always) is a little something I’m calling “Twenty Questions.” The idea is to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question. That’s it! It can be as long or short as you like. The questions can be deep and philosophical (‘what is the meaning of life?’) or routine and practical (‘are you going to eat that?’). Or both!

Shot by a bullet!

Who are you?
Why did you come into my life?
Did you have any clue?
Of this being our meeting afterlife?

Why did our souls connect?
When was love our object?
Had you thought we would disconnect?
Is that the reason for you to neglect?

Was my fear of loosing you nonsense?
We aren’t together today, does it make sense?
Between us why was there so much tense?
Or was your love for me just pretence?

Why didn’t I see all this coming?
Why did you ever call me darling?
Had you wanted the relation an ending?
Should I be glad for not dating?

Should I thank god coz we never met?
All the pain you caused did I bury it yet?
Why didn’t I find myself for a prophet?
I still feel my heart has just been shot by a bullet!

(c) by Preethi.B



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