NaPoWriMo: Love for Breadizza!

Published 18th April 2014 by viewsofpreethib

Day 18: Today’s (optional) prompt is to write a poem in which you very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of
the five senses. So, for example, your poem could carefully describe the smell of something, the taste of something, and the sound of something. It might be helpful to pick things you have actually encountered during your day: a cup of coffee at the office (“burnt, flat, and joylessly acrid”), or a hyacinth in the neighbor’s yard (“riotously curled petals shading violet-lavender-white, against the dark-green glossy-smooth leaves”). Happy writing!

Love for Breadizza!

It is amazing how the six colours blend,
Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, White and Red,
It is amazing to see how evenly are the colors spread,
The scrumptious looks makes me carve to be fed…..

Never imagined the aroma would bring such bliss,
As the dish is being cooked the aroma and looks,
Causes a tingle on the tongue which leaves me salivating,
Though it is very hard but still I am eagerly waiting…..

It is plated and now I cut to take a small bite,
A mix of all the flavours so perfect brings delight,
Each bite is so yumm that leaves you finger-licking outright,
Age is no bar as this dish leaves kids, teen or adults to fight…..

(c) by Preethi.B
Above mention link is for the recipe of the dish Breadizza posted by The Poetic Foodie (Preethi.B) and for more recipe you can visit our site at

Special thanks to Janaki for trying this recipe and sharing the picture of this recipe.



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