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Healing Rain!

Published 02nd June 2014 by viewsofpreethib

It is been a month since I wrote anything. And today I finally decided to write or try something new. And to get some inspiration I just browsed for the different forms of poetry. Acrostic form of poetry was something that caught my attention today. Coz it is one of the easiest forms of poetry. So here goes my attempt at the “Acrostic form of Poetry”.
Healing Rain

I like the rain,
Amazing watch isn’t it jane,
My heart is filled with guy,
Pleasing weather I must say,
Reaching for the ray,
Encraty goes at vain,
Easing your body, soul and mind,
Teaching you love can be divine,
Healing your broken heart,
I forget my pain, as I stand in the rain.

(c) by Preethi.B

You can choose a sentence like as simple as I have used, i.e. “I am Preethi”. To make it easy, first spell the sentence in a horizontal line and then start writing. It could rhyme if you want to. Try with a simple sentence and then you can go on adding or trying with a bigger and much difficult sentence later on….