April 7th – A To Z Challenge 2017 – Letter “F”

Published 07th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 7th – Letter “F” 

Film – 50 First Dates (2004)
Language – English
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – George Wing
Director – Peter Segal
Producer – Jack Giarraputo, Steve Golin, Nancy Juvonen
Music Director – Teddy Castellucci
Cast – Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, Dan Aykroyd

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Story – It is a romantic comedy movie and the story is about two young couple. The person called Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) lives in Hawai, he works as a veterinarian at Sea Life Park, who is scared of commitments, long-term relationships and he is a womanizer. Henry’s world is small with few close friends who are Ula, Alexa who is his assistant, Willy (penguin) and Jocko (a walrus) his pets in Sea Life Park. Henry’s wish or is dream is to sale to Bristol Bay and study about walruses. One day his ship breaks down while sailing and he goes to the nearby cafe called the “Hukilau Café” which is owned by Sue (Amy Hill) to wait for the coast guards. While waiting for the coast guards suddenly there a light that flashes on Henry face, when he starts searching for the flashing light on his face disturbing him, he finds that light is coming from the knife a young beautiful woman called Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) is playing with. Henry watches her for some time and sees her making buildings with her waffles.

The next day Henry visits Hukilau Cafe and see’s Lucy there again. He tries to speak to her and Lucy responds to him. They both chat for hours together. Sue tells them they are closing for lunch and then Lucy say Henry to meet him the next day and they both bid for the day. The following day when Henry tries speaking to Lucy, Lucy gets offended and asks him to leave by telling him she has never ever met him and asks Nick (guy at Hukilau Café) to help her getting rid of the Henry. Sue comes in between takes Henry outside the cafe and tells Henry Lucy’s story. Lucy was traveling to North to get pineapple, which is a kind of ritual, which they follow on her father’s birthday. While they were coming back home on the way they met with a terrible accident in which her dad had rib injuries but Lucy’s condition got bit worse, as she went through a bad head injury due to which she is suffering with a brain disorder called “anterograde amnesia” means a short term memory loss. Due to which she has all the memories before the accident, but she does not remember anything from the day of the accident. Lucy wakes up every single day thinking it is 13 October’ 2002, a Sunday which is a father’s Birthday. Lucy’s father Marlin and her brother Dough is re-living that day every single day and is protecting her from the shock and pain she has to go through when she learns about the accident. Sue also warns Henry to stay away from Lucy, as she is a special person.

Though Sue has warned Henry to not meet Lucy and trouble her anymore, Henry is head over heels on Lucy and is unable to forget her. The next day he is back to Hukilau Cafe and tries to speak to her. He gets lucky, Lucy speaks to him everything goes well between them until the end while bidding apart Lucy expects Henry, he would ask her number but Henry starts leaving without asking her number which hurts Lucy and she gets offended with Henry. Henry tries to convince her and follows her to home. Lucy’s dad Marlin and her bother Dough warns Henry not to meet her again and not to go to Hukilau Cafe anymore. Henry leave’s their place apologizing to them. However, Henry is totally into Lucy, though he is been warned but still he finds different reasons, makes up different situations to meet Lucy, not in the Hukilau Cafe but on her way back home from the Cafe.

Like every other day Henry is meeting Lucy with different ideas, trying to speak to her and spend some time with her, meanwhile Lucy’s dad Martin gets a feeling that Henry is still meeting Lucy. One fine day Martin and Dough meets Henry and asks him to meet them after he has met Lucy. Henry does as told by Martin, after meeting Lucy he goes to Lucy’s house. Martin ask Henry to come with him and takes him to the place where Lucy is painting, singing happily. Martin tells Henry that the days when Lucy meets Henry, are the only day she sings the song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys and tells Henry that it means that she remembers him.

To know if Lucy and Henry would be together, If Henry’s dream sailing to Bristol Bay to study walruses for a year comes true or not, you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Excellent Movie, Brilliant acting, superb timing of the comedy, emotions and romance. Well, even if you are not a fan of romantic-comedy genre movies I am sure that you will be happy you watched this movie.

Closing Remarks – A movie that makes you believe that unconditional true love do exist.


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