April 8th – A to Z Challenge 2017 -Letter “G”

Published 08th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 8th – Letter “G”


Film – Gaalipata (2008)
Language – Kannada
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Yogaraj Bhat
Director – Yogaraj Bhat
Producer – Suryaprakash Rao
Music Director – V. Harikrishna
Cast – Ganesh, Anant Nag, Rajesh Krishnan, Diganth, Daisy Bopanna, Neethu, Bhavana Rao


Image result for images of the gaalipata movie

Story – The story is about three childhood friends and their love story. The three friend’s nature are different from each other. Ganesh (Ganesh) who is an MBA graduate is a jolly-go-lucky guy, fun filled, lively, extrovert person who keeps talking & eating all the time, Diganth (Diganth) who is a medical student is a cute, spontaneous & a prankster and whereas Kitty (Rajesh Krishnan) is an engineer, a very silent, reserved, cool guy. They are all living together in Bangalore in a rented flat.

On a weekend, in the night kitty gets drunk, while driving he loses the balance and crashes the bars where the cop is there, they get caught by the cop for drink and drive. Gani (Ganesh) is trying to convince the cop to leave them but the cop does not agree, meanwhile Diganth calls up a person under MLA (Rangayana Raghu who is Gani’s father), by using the political influence they get away from the cop. Next Day Gani’s parent visit him after getting the news by the cops of the drink and drive case. Diganth sees them getting down from the car through the window, and plays a prank by keeping the empty alcohol bottles near Gani who is sleeping on a red beanbag. Ganis’ parent see his and thinks he is drunk and his father blast him and ask him to come back home but Gani disagrees, his parent return back disappointed. All the three are fed-up with their routine life and especially kitty who broke up with his girlfriend a year back but still not over her. Hence, they decide to go on a vacation to a village called Muglipete (255 km away from Bangalore) where Diganth’s grandfather lives.

Muglipete one of the best creation, a beautiful place which is foggy most of the time, beautiful weather, very cloudy, greenery everywhere. They reach Muglipete to Diganth’s grandfather house but nobody seems to be there and they hear a sound. They look around the place and suddenly a dark well-built man stands up and all of them gets frightened. Diganth tells Gani that he must be the helper, his grandfather had told him he is deaf and dumb who shall guide them to the place where his grandfather is there. The helper runs and they follow him in the car where he leads them to a house. They stop the car get down and wait near looking at the entrance of the house. Meanwhile a young girl gets into the car starts it and hit Diganth who falls on the car and crashes the car hitting a hut, Diganth falls down and gets his back hurt, the young girl starts screaming so Gani sits inside the car shuts her mouth and take the car reverse. The young girl’s mom blast her & hit for her notorious act for which she pushes her mom and runs away, then her mom and two elder sis runs behind her. All the three guy’s are invited to the house. Diganth’s grandfather introduce them to his friend Kodandaram and his family. Kodandaram (Anath Nagh) a hunter but two years back while hunting a wild boar accidently he is injured and become handicapped due to which he can no longer walk.  His wife Padma (Padmaja Rao), his daughter-in-law Sowmya (Daisy Bopanna) who is a widow, a gold medallist in MA Kannada.  Kodandaram’s elder daughter Radha (Neethu) who has completed her BSc and is doing a Ayurveda course in the village and his younger daughter Pavani (Bhavana Rao) who completed her SSLC and is back to village after her father’s injury say’s to be doing PUC but nobody has seen her attending the classes.

Gani who gets to know about the incident, which led Kodandaram handicapped while hunting the wild boar, is not keen on hunting the wild boar and eat it. Gani encourages Kodandaram to hunt the wild boar along with them, as he is handicapped from two years due to that wild boar. Kodandaram join them and they fail terribly, on their second try Diganth is accidently shot on his chest by Kodandaram’s riffle but thankfully, it hits the gong around his neck and leaves him injured. Kodandaram’s wife and his three daughters are wild on him and warns them not go for hunting again.

Meanwhile, Diganth falls in love with Radha who also slowly responds to his feelings, Neethu falls in love with Kitty but he is confused as he is unable to forget his first love but later accepts her. Gani is in love with Sowmya but does not respond to his feelings though she likes him. Would they all go hunting the wild –boar again? Will Sowmya respond to Gani’s feelings or not? To know more watch the movie.

My Say on the Film –The songs, scenery, the acting, the comedy, the thrill, overall a superb movie. Awesome timing of the movie.

Closing Remarks – An entertaining movie. You will definitely not regret watching it.



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