April 11th – A To Z Challenge 2017- Letter “I”

Published 11th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 12th –  Letter “I”

Flim – Ice Princess (2005)
Language – English
Genre – Inspiration
Written by – Hadley Davis from a story by Meg Cabot & Davis
Director – Tim Fywell
Producer – Bridget Johnson
Music Director –  Christphe Beck
Cast –  Joan Cusack, Kim Cattrall, Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Panettiere

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Story – The story is about a teenage girl Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) who is smart, brainy, talented science student. It is time for the students to think about getting into collage, so the students have to start applying for collage during the school. During this time her physics teacher ask Casey if she has been considering about any collage and ask her if she has heard about “Helen Stellar Physics Scholarship” and tells her since she has been scoring A+ on all the physics test, hence she should consider for the Physics Scholarship. For which she will have to do a brilliant-unusual yet personal physics project in her summer holidays so that he can approve it and give her the recommendation letter. Casey discuss the same with her mom and decides on doing the physics project so that she can get scholarship to Harvard University. While watching the skating competition on t.v with her best friend Ann (Amy Stewart), Casey gets an idea on her physics project, according to her there would be aerodynamic formula, as skating is her favourite hobby she decides to do the physics project based on the skaters movements.

She definitely had to take the approval of the skater’s parent and promised them the video of the skaters, which will be shown only to the scholarship community people and nobody else. After explain to the parents about her project she shows them the letter by her teacher, her id proof, letters from the parents whom she had been babysitting and finally the parents agree of her videoing their kids who are getting trained for their regional championships. Well she is working really hard with the project but her best friend tells her it is too dry and she will have to put more of her into it, for which Casey decides to take skating classes so that she can know more about it when she experience it. While Casey is practicing skating for her science project, she enjoys skating a lot and she decides to take up the recital, which is the first step to quality for the regional competition. Casey not just passes to get into the regional but skips two levels and is qualified to compete with Gin (Hayden Panettiere) the trainer’s Tina Harwood (Kim Cattrall) daughter, Nikki Fletcher (Kristen Olson) and Tiffany Lai (Jocelyn Lai). This is when Casey is confused if she wants to purse the physics project or skating.

Casey’s mom Joan Carlyle (Joan Cusack) wants her to do the physics project and she hates skating, hence Casey is stuck. Casey starts having difficulties to manage with the physics project, skating, part-time job and her schoolwork. Due to which Casey’s grades starts falling and her mom prevents her from skating.

Is Tina Harwood happy about Casey directly jumping into the junior level of competition? Will Gin, Tiffany and Nikki accept Casey?
Will Casey take up the physics project as per her mom’s wish or will Casey take up the skating competition as this is what she wants and love to do. To know what happens to Casey you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Education is definitely important but you should not forget, what your kid wants or wishes to do. You will have to believe in your kids, you will have to give them the choice as to what they want to do. Kids need their parents support, strength, their trust, their love. Overall a good inspiring movie.

Closing Remarks – Always be there, for your kids. You will definitely fall in love with the ice-skating and would wish to ice-skate at least once. Yes, “Beauty with Brains” is not a myth… 😉







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