April 13th – A To Z Challenge – Letter “K”

Published 13th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 13th – Letter ” K”

Film – Kabali (2016)
Language – Tamil
Genre – Gangster Drama
Written by – Pa. Ranjith
Director – Pa. Ranjith
Producer – Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Music Director – Santhosh Narayanan
Cast – Rajinikanth, Winston chao, Radhika Apte

Story- Opening scene of the movie is Kabaleeswaran or Kabali (Rajanikanth) getting released from the prison after 25 years. Kabali was falsely charged and was sent to prison for 25 years having accused of brutally slaughtering many people in a temple along with his pregnant wife Kumudha (Radhika Apte). Kabali takes charge of his gang as soon as he is released from the prison. Kabali meets Loganathan also known as Loga (Mime Gopi) a drug smuggler to know what happened to his wife, Loga insults Kabalis wife and says if at all she was alive then she would have been sold for prostitution. Having hearing this Kabali kills Loga. The statement made by Loga makes Kabali believe that his wife is still alive. Kabali start’s to search for his wife. Meanwhile, enemies of Kabali are trying to murder him. While Kabali was in prison, his friend Ameer (John Vijay) started an organization called Free Life Foundation School, where the youngsters who were involved in crime or drug addicts are bought to this school and help them to lead a better life.

During the time when India was fighting for independence, many Tamilians were sent to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) from South India as labours on contract basis. Kabali and other Tamilians had to face a lot of injustice during their tenure. Kabali stood against his landlord for the welfare of all the Tamil people and joined under Tamilnesan (Nassar) who was a don who was fighting for the rights of Tamil Malaysians. Tamilnesan was murdered by Veerasekaran or Veera (Kishore) who was also a part of Tamilian Welfare gang but he was against Tamilnesan rules and regulations. Veera was interested in illegal activities like smuggling drug and forcing women for prostitution as Tamilnesan was against the illegal activities Veera planned and killed him. After Tamilnesan murder Kabali who was his right hand took over the gang. Kabali too was against the illegal activities and tired to stop Veera. Veera planned in such a way that he could take revenge on Kabali as well as become the don of Malaysia. Veera manipulated Tamilmaran who was Tamilnesan’s son by telling him that as he should haave taken over the gang as he is the son of Tamilnesa and not Kabali. Tamilmaran became a poppet in the hands of Veera and got involved with him in the plan to get rid of Kabali.

Tamilmaaran invited Kabali and his wife to the temple for a function which was a trap planned by Veera. Kabali was attacked and beaten up brutally and Kumudha was shot. Kabali killed Tamilmaaran in front of his son for betraying him but the cops arrested Kabali for having killed many people in the temple. Veera succeeded in his plan as he sent Kabali to the jail on a false crime and Tamilmaran was killed in the hands of Kabali. Now, there was no one and he could take over the don position.

Did Kabali find his wife? While searching for his wife he gets to know about something which he was not aware of from the past 25 years, so what is it that he finds out? Did Kabali survive from the attacks made on him by his enemies? To know what happened, you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – A gangster movie, one gang fights for the welfare of people and another gang who is involved in illegal activities. The story is about search and revenge. Acting is good.

Closing Remarks – Rajanikath playing a role according to his age in the movie. If you love action movie then will definitely like watching this movie.


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