Day 16 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – “Ray Of Hope”

Published 16th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 16 – Our prompt (optional, as always). Today I challenge you to take your inspiration, like our featured interviewee did in the chapbook she co-authored with Ross Gay, from the act of letter-writing. Your poem can be in the form of a letter to a person, place, or thing, or in the form of a back-and-forth correspondence.

Ray Of Hope!

Dear Heart,
Don’t be scared, I know you are in pain,
For thy trust has been betrayed,
But do not lose the ray of hope.

Despite being manipulated, controlled and defamed,
Oh my dear heart, please be restrained,
As the day will not be the same,
The ray of hope might be on its way.
Thy guardian, family, friends, love and folk have deceived,
Yet, you have to raise as there will be a new day,
There is no promise for it will definitely be better,
It is only a ray of hope that you ought to carry for the coming days.
The pain might still not fade away,
As some scars though invisible, forever it will stay,
However, only the ray of hope can strengthen you to look forward for your destiny.

(c) by Preethi.B


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