April 21st – A To Z Challenge 2017 – Letter “R”

Published 21st April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 21st – Letter “R”

Film – Runaway Bride (1999)
Language – English
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Josann McGibbon, 
Sara Parriott
Director – Garry Marshall
Producer – Ted Field, Tom Rosenberg, Scott Kroopf, Robert Cort
Music Director – James Newton Howard
Cast – Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Héctor Elizondo, Rita Wilson, Paul Dooley


Story – A columnist called Homer Eisenhower Graham or Ike (Richard Gere) usually write columns about woman as negative shades. One day he finds a man in the bar who reads his column and tells him that he know much more worst things women does and back in his town there is a woman called Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) who runs away from on her wedding day leaving the groom. Since she ran away seven times before and she shall run away this time too also stating that she is, called as the “Run-away Bride” in his town.

Ike decides to write a column on her without even checking on the facts, which then leads him to lose his job as Maggie writes a letter to his editor for having to write about her, which is not true. But Irk is given an opportunity to get back his job if he goes to the town and get the facts about Maggie as she is getting married in a few days which would prove that he is right about her as she would run away on this wedding too.

Irk travels to Hale, Maryland where Maggie lives as to write about her. He meets Maggie, then her family; friends are three previous fiancé to know more about her. Maggie lives with her family and she is getting married to her fourth fiancé. Her fourth groom is Bob Kelly (Christopher Meloni) who is a local football coach in a high school. Bob is using his sports skills to keep Maggie focused so that he can get married to her.

Maggie is completely offended and annoyed on seeing Irk in the town and meeting her family, friends and ex-finance’s, as to get information about her. As days pass by she feels, he is getting her all wrong and decides to cooperate with him and tell him everything he wants to know. Will Maggie reveal why she did not get married earlier? Will Maggie marry Bob? Will Bob be successful with his sport technique so he could marry Maggie. Will Irk get back his job? What will happen to Irk? Does Irk really understand Maggie? To know what happened you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – I love the movie. It is a beautiful story; the acting is superb, one of my all-time favourite movie.

Closing Remarks – Julia Roberts, yes I am a fan of her beauty, her smile, her superb acting skills, she is indeed a versatile actoress. This movie is pretty old and the reason for me to choose this movie is because I totally adore Julia Roberts acting skills and it is one of my favourite movie of her.


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