April 22nd – A To Z Challenge – Letter “S”

Published 22nd April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 22nd – Letter “S” 

Film – Serendipity (2001)
Language – English
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Marc Klein
Director – Peter Chelsom
Producer – Peter Abrams, Simon Fields, Robert L. Levy
Music Director – Alan Silvestri
Cast – John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale

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Story – In New York City, during the Christmas season Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) & Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) accidently meet each other as they both pick up the only pair of black cashmere gloves available in the Bloomingdale’s a department store, Jonathan who wished to buy that for his girlfriend & Sara for her boyfriend. They both are attracted to each other and they end up going to a place called “Serendipity 3” to have an ice cream. While chatting Jonathan asks Sara how she found this place for which she says it is because of the name “Serendipity” as she loves that word coz it means “fortunate accident” but she do not believe in accident and she personally feels that fate is behind everything. Sara bids apart without giving Jonathan her number stating that, if fate wants them to be together then shall meet again.

However, fate does bring them back at Serendipity 3 after a while as Jonathan had forgotten his scarf & Sara her gloves that she had just bought. Both of them meet there again and then decides to go out for a while and get to know each other a bit more. When the time comes to say to each other Sara gives her number but unfortunately, it blows away in the wind leaving Sara considering it to be a bad sign and maybe not meant to be together. As Jonathan insists, she ask Jonathan to write his number on the 5$ note and by not even looking at it, she gives away to the shopkeeper buying a mint & tells Jonathan if fate wants them to meet again then she would get the note and then she would call him. Which makes Jonathan disappointed, when asked as to she should be leaving her details too in the universe just like his so that if anyone would find then they can contact each other. Agreeing on that Sara decide to write down her details on a book called “Love in the Time of Cholera” which would be sold the next morning and if fate brings them the 5$ note to Sara & the book to Jonathan then they can contact each other.

Few years later, Jonathan is getting engaged to Halley Buchanan (Bridget Moynahan) & more or less the same day Sara’s boyfriend Lars Hammond (John Corbett) comes home (in San Francisco) and proposes Sara. Both their weddings are fixed. It is just three days left for Jonathan’s wedding but the universe is sending him signs like coming across two women named Sara & a guy singing a song having the name Sara. He requests his best friend to help him find and meanwhile he finds the black gloves in his apartment & inside it, he finds the bill, which has Sara’s account number. Well the search for Sara starts and Sara gets two signs too.

Will Sara too search for Jonathan? Is Sara & Jonathan meant to be together? Will Sara & Jonathan find each other? Will fate bring them together? To get your answers do watch the lovely romantic thrilling movie.

My Say on the Film – Beauty admired forever no matter in whichever form it is. Hence, the beauty of this movie, the acting, the story, the cinematography, the magical feeling u get while you watch the movie. Definitely is not just a onetime watch, you will watch it over and over again and never be bored. This too is an old movie and yes of-course this too is on one of my favourite all time movie list.

Closing Remarks – A beautiful romantic-thrilling movie to watch, even if one do not believe in fate, destiny, the universe giving sign, this one will definitely make you consider on believing such miraculous magical feeling.


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