April 25th – A To Z Challenge – Letter “U”

Published 25th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 25th – Letter “U”

Film – Un Samayal Arayil (2014)
Language – Tamil
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Viji, T. Gnanavel,
Director – Prakash Raj
Producer – Prakash Raj
Music Director – Ilaiyaraaja
Cast – Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi

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Story – A 45 year old man, born food lover called Kalidasan (Prakash Raj) an archaeologist. He works in the state archaeological department who is still unmarried and lives with Vaidhi (Elango Kumaravel) and his cook Krishna (Thambi Ramaiah). His nephew Naveen (Tejus) comes to stay with him as to search for a job there. On the New Year eve Naveen handover a new mobile to Kalidasa, a gift sent by his sister for him.

On the first day of New Year Kalidasan receives a call on his new number which he himself doesn’t know. He attends the call and on the other side of the call ladies places an order and asks him to deliver Kutti-dosa and cuts the call. The lady who calls is Gowri (Sneha) who is in her forties, single and a dubbing artist. She lives with her sister Meghana (Samyukta Hornad), Chechi (Urvashi) and others. After waiting for an hour she calls him back again and asks what happened to the order? Kalidasan tells her it is a wrong number and it is not a restaurant for which she gets annoyed and blasts him for not telling about it earlier and they end up having a heated up conversation making each other angry. Naveen insists Kalidasan to her sorry for having speaking to her so rudely since Kalidasan does not agree, Naveen send a message without his knowledge. On seeing the sorry message Meghana insists to call Kalidasan back and apologies for her rude behaviour. Finally Gowri calls Kalidasan and both of them apologies each other. At the end of the conversation Kalidasan asks Gowri to message him the restaurants number as he wishes to know what kutti dosa is and being a food lover he actually drops to the restaurant and tastes it. After which he calls Gowri and tells her it was very tasty. Their conversation starts and goes on for days together. Both of them are food lovers, Kalidasan tells a story to Gowri and inspired by it both decides to bake the cake mentioned in the story. The process to prepare the cake takes four days, Kalidasan instruct the procedure to bake the cake to Gowri every single day.

Since Kalidasan and Gowri are speaking to each other from past few days decides to meet but both of them are insecure about their age, looks and are not confident to meet. Naveen goes to meet Gowri as Kalidasan and Meghana goes as Gowri. Both are unaware of this, Naveen tells Kalidasan that Gowri is very young & Meghana tells Gowri that Kalidasan is too young for her and they are not a good match. However, Naveen and Meghana are both attracted to each other.

Will Kalidasan and Gowri ever meet each other? Will they know the truth about Naveen and Meghana? What will happen to Naveen and Meghana? Will all the four get to know the truth? To know what happened to them you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Acting is really good. Story could have been a bit better in the second half.

Closing Remarks – Onetime watch movie. Prakash Raj is my all time favorite actor but this movie in the second half could have been better.


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