April 26th – A To Z Challenge – Letter “V”

Published 26th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 26th – Letter “V” 

Film – Veera Madakari (2009)
Language – Kannada
Genre – Action Comedy
Written by – Sadhu Kokila
Director – Sudeep
Producer – Dinesh Gandhi
Music Director – M. M. Keeravani
Cast – Sudeep, Ragini Dwivedi

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Story- Story is about a honest police officer Madakari (Sudeep) who is a single parent to his daughter (Jerusha Christopher) who is very young. The villains Babjee (Gopinath Bhat) who is in politics, his brother Titla and his son Munna (Arun Sagar) has spread wreak havoc in the village and among the people who are also involved in many illegal activities. Any honest police officer is sent to that village they torture him & his family members and finally murder him if he do not agree to serve and listen to them. Madakari gets posted as an assistant commissioner of police to that village, after which a lot of crime is controlled and the people going through tremendous torture from the villains also gradually reduces.

But one day the villains plan to murder Madakari and attack him brutally. The villains assume that Madakari is dead and they try to kill his young daughter who has escaped from that village and staying with Sathyaraju (played by Sudeep – double role) who is conman but she thinks it is her father. Sathyaraju is in love with Neeraja (Ragini Dwivedi). Due to circumstances Sathyaraju is forced to tell that the child living with him is his daughter leading to misunderstanding between him and his lover Neeraja which makes her decide to leave Sathyaraju.

Later Sathyaraju get to know the truth that the small girl who thinks he is her father is actually the daughter of a police officer called Madakari who looks exactly like him and is now hospitalized for treatment. After knowing the truth Sathyaraju goes back to the village as Madakari. What happened to original Madakari, his daughter, Sathyaraju and his lover Neeraja? Will Sathyaraju be able to keep his secret? Will the villains get to know the person who is back is actually Sathyaraju and nor Madakari? Will Sathyaraju be able to solve the problems of the villagers and punish the villains? To know what happened you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Veera Madakari is a remake of a Telugu movie called “Vikramarkudu”. Sudeep’s acting is good. Action movie lovers will love this movie.

Closing Remarks – Good job by Sudeep and his team. Personally I do not like to watch remake movies but this is one I can say is watchable. In-case you have not watched the original Telugu movie then you shall enjoy this movie.


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