Your Half-Girlfriend

Published 13th January 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Your Half-Girlfriend


Heart bleeds,
Your words were,
Just poetic and dreamy,
As your actions spoke opposite,
To heart, your words  meant nothing…

You did,
Though I waited,
Hoping you came back,
To be together for forever,
Wishing you could mend my broken-heart…

Cries silently,
In pain relentlessly,
As hopes have shattered,
Never would I ever be,
Nothing more than just your half-girlfriend….

Fate unlucky,
All your assumptions,
Were never the reality,
If only you had patience,
Little longer, Truth would have unfolded…

From heart,
Words of honesty,
Romance always comes last,
Bonding mentally, emotionally & understanding,
Is first, what actually strengthens relationship…

Messed completely,
If you hadn’t,
Given-up and had stayed,
Soulmates we would have remained,
Rather than me being your half-girlfriend…

Now, forever I remain “Your Half-Girlfriend”!!!


(c) by Preethi.B

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