Day 22- NaPoWriMo’18 – Bermuda Triangle Island!

Published 23rd April 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Day 22: And now for our daily prompt (optional as always). I’ve found this one rather useful in trying to ‘surprise’ myself into writing something I wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. Today, I’d like you to take one of the following statements of something impossible, and then write a poem in which the impossible thing happens:
The sun can’t rise in the west.
A circle can’t have corners.
Pigs can’t fly.
The clock can’t strike thirteen.
The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky.
A mouse can’t eat an elephant.

Happy writing!

Bermuda Triangle Island!

The Bermuda triangle,
Threw our ship in a mysterious place,
We woke up with an aww-stuck vision,
Never could we imagine,
Here, the sun rises from the west.

In search of food and water,
We entered into a mystical world,
Where the pigs fly, circle had corners,
Went further halting every now and then eating berries,
We stopped in shock looking at a clock strike at thirteen.

We went further and found more mysteries things,
Where a mouse ate an elephant,
Where dragons were small as an insect,
In the dark, the stars in the sky moved frequently,
Rearranging and shaping into different forms.

Beautiful mesmerizing mystical sight in the Bermuda Triangle Island!

-© by Preethi.B
(22nd April’18)

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