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YourQuote – Post 13 a&b – Anamika/ Anjaan!

Published 02nd September 2018 by viewsofpreethib

I wrote Anamika first then I did a small change and posted it as Anjaan again. So clubbing both the version in the same post.

Version 1 – Anamika(Anonymous)!

Tumare liye,
Mein, Mein ho Kar bhi Anjaani Hoon…

-(c) by Preethi.B
(11th Aug’18)

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One of My Dreams – To Dance with my Life-partner

Published 13th February 2018 by viewsofpreethib

As the tile says, I have been wishing and dreaming (god knows since how many years) to dance with my life-partner. This dream is yet to come true as i am still waiting to meet my soul-mate (god knows when/where/how we shall find each-other) but till then i shall keep dreaming & hoping though to many people i look and sound foolish, childish who still believes that fairy tales would come true. 😉 😛

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