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Published 30th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 30th – Letter “Z” 

Film – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)
Language – Hindi
Genre – Comedy-Drama
Written by – 
Director – Zoya Akhtar
Producer – Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Music Director – Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif, Kalki Koechlin

Story – Story is about three childhood friends. Kabir (Abhay Deol), Imran (Farhan Akhtar) and Arjun (Hrithik Roshan). Kabir is engaged to Natasha (Kalki Koechlin), on the engagement day Natasha learns that Kabir has planned for a trip with his school friends that is with Arjun and Imran for three week road trip to Spain as his bachelor party. Kabir also reveals that they had a pact regarding the trip, each one out of the three will have to pick an adventure sport and all the three will have to try it together whether the other two like it or not. Arjun is a workaholic, he gives lot of importance to money, he wants to earn more so than he can retire early which is at the age of 40. Imran has an additional agenda to go on the road trip, which he still has not revealed to his friends.

Will Imran reveal his secret agenda on coming to the road trip to his friends? Is there any other reason for Kabir to arrange this road trip? Will Arjun work during the road trip or enjoy with his two friends? What will they find out about each other and about their friendship during this trip? What are the adventures sport each one choose? Will the rest two try the sport? Will the three overcome their fears? Will Kabir marry Natasha after coming back from the road trip? To get all the answers you will have to watch this interesting and fun filled movie.

My Say on the Film – An awesome movie that shows the emotions of the three best friends, their fears, their relationships with each other and others; their misunderstanding, forgiving, healing each other’s wounds, the fun filled adventurous trip and sports. Marvellous acting by each and every actor. Beautiful cinematography, good music, over all a beautiful movie.

Closing Remarks – I think everyone can relate to this movie in one or the other way, a wonderful movie which you would like to watch it over and over again.



April 17th – A To Z Challenge 2017 – Letter “N”

Published 17th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 17th – Letter “N ”

Film – Na Tum Jano Na Hum (2002)
Language – Hindi
Genre – Romantic
Written by – Arjun Sablok
Director – Arjun Sablok
Producer – Kishore Biyani
Music Director –  Rajesh Roshan, Raju Singh, Anand Bakshi
Cast –  Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Esha Deol

Story – It is an unsolved mystery, When we are born, God shows us our parent, sibling, relatives, friends but there is one person who will remain to be unknown until a certain age is the feeling of Esha Malhotra (Esha Deol). Esha a beautiful, sweet, bubbly, confident, loving, caring, girl with good morals; who is back to her home from the hostel after completing her graduation. While chatting with her best friends and cousin she spills out the truth that she is in love. On asking her how and with whom she fell in love when she is a shy reserved girl, she tells the story. While she was studying in collage once she comes across a book with some notes written by someone, the minute she reads it she connects to that feeling. She and her friend call up the radio to request a song and when the RJ asks her for her boyfriend name she tells him that she has no boyfriend but would like to dedicate to someone else, and she tells a poem (which she remembers well) written by someone and request for a song. After a while, the RJ receives a call and then the guy from the other side say’s that he likes to leave a message to the girl who just requested his favourite song. He says it is he, who had written the poem when he was a student in that collage and at that time, he was not aware to whom he wrote that for but today he feels to whom he had written that poem seems to be that girl and wishes to meet her. On hearing that the RJ announces the date, time and place, which is his studio for them to meet up. The guy who is called as Rahul (Hrithik Roshan) turns up to the radio station but then instead of the girl he receives a letter from her. The letter do not contain the name, address or her number but instead a post box number is mentioned on it stating she would like to be his friend without revealing her identity and request him to write letter to her. Both of them do not reveal their name, address, pictures nor their numbers but continue to write each other sharing their feelings.

Fate brings them together but both of them won’t know or recognise each other and they become friends. One day Esha’s grandfather tells her he wishes her to get married and they have a proposal of a guy. Esha confess to her grandfather she is in love with a guy and she do not know his name, address, what he does or anything but they both write to each other. Her grandfather asks her to write a letter to him and fix a date so he could meet him in person as per Esha’s request. But unfortunately Akshay Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan) turns up along with his family and Esha’s aunt who had spoken about the marriage proposal to Esha’s grandfather. Forcefully Esha agrees to marry Akshay and on their engagement day Esha receives a letter from Rahul asking her to meet him and telling her he received the letter late and hence he could meet her on the day fixed with her grandfather. Esha goes to meet Rahul though the engagement function is about to start in sometime. Rahul sees Isha from a distance and gets shock as she is the girl who is about to be engaged with Akshay who is his best friend. Rahul leaves the place without meeting Esha.

Will Esha get married to Akshay? What will happen to Rahul? Will Akshay get to know about Esha and Rahul? Would fate bring Esha and Rahul together? What is their destiny? Will true love win? To know the answers you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – A beautiful love story, brilliant acting, awesome cinematography. My personal favourite song where the music and lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful is “Jaa Sanam Mujhko Hai”

Closing Remarks – Maybe this is what you call as “Blind love”, a story that makes you believe true love do exist. Awesome job by the entire team. It is one of my favourite movies. Like the way the story is built and presented.