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Day 28 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – “What Is Love?”

Published 28th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 28 – And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem using Skeltonic verse. Don’t worry, there are no skeletons involved. Rather, Skeltonic verse gets its name from John Skelton, a fifteenth-century English poet who pioneered the use of short stanzas with irregular meter, but two strong stresses per line (otherwise know as “dipodic” or “two-footed” verse). The lines rhyme, but there’s not a rhyme scheme per se. The poet simply rhymes against one word until he or she gets bored and moves on to another. Here is a good explainer of the form, from which I have borrowed this excellent example:

Dipodic What?

Dipodic Verse
will be Terse.
Stress used just twice
to keep it nice,
short or long
a lilting song
or sounding gong
that won’t go wrong
if you adhere
to the rule here,
Now is that clear
My dear?

What is love?

Does Love,
Come with book of directive?
Is Love,
Does true love,
Exist or is it imaginative?
Can Love,
Be above,
Everything and everyone?
Is love,
And even sacrifice?
Does Love,
Mean different according to their age?
Is Love,
Blind or calculative?
Is Love,
Temporary or evermore?

To express love,
Should one be creative?
When in Love,
Would one always be caressive,
Or would be disruptive & impulsive?
When in love,
Would one be intuitive?
Does true love,
Means one should only give,
In return you expect nothing?

What is love?
Can anybody tell me?

(c) by Preethi.B


Day 23 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – “Love & BFF”

Published 23rd April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 23 – Our daily prompt (optional, as always). Our prompt for Day Twenty-Three comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who challenges us to write a double elevenie. What’s that? Well, an elevenie is an eleven-word poem of five lines, with each line performing a specific task in the poem. The first line is one word, a noun. The second line is two words that explain what the noun in the first line does, the third line explains where the noun is in three words, the fourth line provides further explanation in four words, and the fifth line concludes with one word that sums up the feeling or result of the first line’s noun being what it is and where it is. There are some good examples in the link above.

A double elevenie would have two stanzas of five lines each, and twenty-two words in all. It might be fun to try to write your double elevenie based on two nouns that are opposites, like sun and moon, or mountain and sea.

Love & BFF!

Brings Happiness,
In the hands,
Whom it is given,

Gives comfort,
Arms, bed, floor,
In contentment or heartbroken,

(c) by Preethi.B

BFF – Best Friend Forever


April 22nd – A To Z Challenge – Letter “S”

Published 22nd April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 22nd – Letter “S” 

Image result for free images of movie serendipity

Film – Serendipity (2001)
Language – English
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Marc Klein
Director – Peter Chelsom
Producer – Peter Abrams, Simon Fields, Robert L. Levy
Music Director – Alan Silvestri
Cast – John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale

Story – In New York City, during the Christmas season Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) & Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) accidently meet each other as they both pick up the only pair of black cashmere gloves available in the Bloomingdale’s a department store, Jonathan who wished to buy that for his girlfriend & Sara for her boyfriend. They both are attracted to each other and they end up going to a place called “Serendipity 3” to have an ice cream. While chatting Jonathan asks Sara how she found this place for which she says it is because of the name “Serendipity” as she loves that word coz it means “fortunate accident” but she do not believe in accident and she personally feels that fate is behind everything. Sara bids apart without giving Jonathan her number stating that, if fate wants them to be together then shall meet again.

However, fate does bring them back at Serendipity 3 after a while as Jonathan had forgotten his scarf & Sara her gloves that she had just bought. Both of them meet there again and then decides to go out for a while and get to know each other a bit more. When the time comes to say to each other Sara gives her number but unfortunately, it blows away in the wind leaving Sara considering it to be a bad sign and maybe not meant to be together. As Jonathan insists, she ask Jonathan to write his number on the 5$ note and by not even looking at it, she gives away to the shopkeeper buying a mint & tells Jonathan if fate wants them to meet again then she would get the note and then she would call him. Which makes Jonathan disappointed, when asked as to she should be leaving her details too in the universe just like his so that if anyone would find then they can contact each other. Agreeing on that Sara decide to write down her details on a book called “Love in the Time of Cholera” which would be sold the next morning and if fate brings them the 5$ note to Sara & the book to Jonathan then they can contact each other.

Few years later, Jonathan is getting engaged to Halley Buchanan (Bridget Moynahan) & more or less the same day Sara’s boyfriend Lars Hammond (John Corbett) comes home (in San Francisco) and proposes Sara. Both their weddings are fixed. It is just three days left for Jonathan’s wedding but the universe is sending him signs like coming across two women named Sara & a guy singing a song having the name Sara. He requests his best friend to help him find and meanwhile he finds the black gloves in his apartment & inside it, he finds the bill, which has Sara’s account number. Well the search for Sara starts and Sara gets two signs too.

Will Sara too search for Jonathan? Is Sara & Jonathan meant to be together? Will Sara & Jonathan find each other? Will fate bring them together? To get your answers do watch the lovely romantic thrilling movie.

My Say on the Film – Beauty admired forever no matter in whichever form it is. Hence, the beauty of this movie, the acting, the story, the cinematography, the magical feeling u get while you watch the movie. Definitely is not just a onetime watch, you will watch it over and over again and never be bored. This too is an old movie and yes of-course this too is on one of my favourite all time movie list.

Closing Remarks – A beautiful romantic-thrilling movie to watch, even if one do not believe in fate, destiny, the universe giving sign, this one will definitely make you consider on believing such miraculous magical feeling.

Day 13 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – It was you!

Published 13th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 13th – The prompt was given pretty late today, evening around 19:30. Optional prompt for today is an oldie-but-a-goody: the ghazal. The form was originally developed in Arabic and Persian poetry, but has become increasingly used in English, after being popularized by poets including Agha Shahid Ali. A ghazal is formed of couplets, each of which is its own complete statement. Both lined of the first couplet end with the same phrae or end-word, and that end-word is also repeated at the end of each couplet. If you’re really feeling inspired, you can also attempt to incorporate internal rhymes and a reference to your own name in the final couplet. Here are a few examples – Evie Shockley’s “where you are planted,” Ali’s “Tonight,” and Patricia Smith’s “Hip Hop Ghazal.”

It was you!

Image result for free animated images of beautiful girl

Why did the cupid introduce you,
When I had no crush on you,

The fate bought me to your direction,
When I wasn’t even searching for you,

My friend list was huge,
But there was something about you,

I am alone, with friends or in the classroom,
I blush thinking about you,

When I looked at the dark sky,
The moon reminds me of you,

When I dance in the rain,
The songs played are on you,

The cool breeze blowing towards me,
Makes me wish I am hugged by you,

All these feelings growing, I realise,
My first love and it was you!

(c) by Preethi.B

Day 11 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – Emotional abuse can leave one traumatized!

Published 11th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 11 – NaPoWriMo – Optional prompt for the day: the Bop. The invention of poet Afaa Michael Weaver, the Bop is a kind of combination sonnet + song. Like a Shakespearan sonnet, it introduces, discusses, and then solves (or fails to solve) a problem. Like a song, it relies on refrains and repetition. In the basic Bop poem, a six-line stanza introduces the problem, and is followed by a one-line refrain. The next, eight-line stanza discusses and develops the problem, and is again followed by the one-line refrain. Then, another six-line stanza resolves or concludes the problem, and is again followed by the refrain. Here’s an example of a Bop poem written by Weaver, and here’s another by the poet Ravi Shankar.

Emotional abuse can leave one traumatized!

Related image

She has been humiliated,
Her opinions, have been disregarded,
Her appearance, is always judged,
She is always monitored and controlled,
Sharing of feelings, been verbally chastised,
Towards her, they are forever bigoted…..

As emotional abuse can leave one traumatized….

Why is it so difficult to accept?
Why can’t, emotions be expressed?
Why does she have to be, labelled?
Does she not deserve to be empathised?
Do you know the trauma she goes through for exploited?
Will you stop calling her jinxed?
Will she always have to fear of being isolated?
Her dreams, wishes, accomplishment is trivialized!

As emotional abuse can leave one traumatized….

All she needs is your warmth,
Your acceptance of her, with her flaws,
A place for her in your heart,
Love & Respect for her, in your eyes,
Be understanding towards her emotions,
Treating her equal as she too is a human……

As emotional abuse can leave one traumatized….

(c) by Preethi.B

Day 9 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – Ignorant!

Published 09th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 9 – NaPoWriMo – Prompt (optional, as always). “Because today is the ninth day of NaPoWriMo, I’d like to challenge you to write a nine-line poem. Although the fourteen-line sonnet is often considered the “baseline” form of verse in English, Sir Edmund Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene using a nine-line form of his own devising, and poetry in other languages (French, most particularly) has always taken advantage of nine-line forms. You can find information of various ways of organizing rhyme schemes, meters, etcetera for nine-line works here. And of course, you can always eschew such conventions entirely, and opt to be a free-verse nine-line poet”.


Image result for animated images of a beautiful girl waiting

It was not an occasional dalliance*,
Out love was meant to efflorescence*,
Did not expect you would evanescent*….

This has left me in forbearance*,
Your attitude of insouciance*,
Has made me unpleasant….

Was delighted with your acquaintance,
I knew it was not just a coincidence,
Alas, towards my feelings your ignorant…..

(c) by Preethi.B

Dalliance – A brief love affair.
Efflorescence – Flowering, blooming.
Evanescent – Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
Forbearance – Withholding response to provocation.
Insouciance – lack of concern, unconcern, careless,

Day 8 – NaPoWriMo 2017 – Alone!

Published 08th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

Day 8 – NaPoWriMo – Prompt (optional)  for today, “I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that relies on repetition. It can be repetition of a phrase, or just a word. Need a couple of examples? Try “The Bells” by Edgar Allen Poe, or Joy Harjo’s “She Had Some Horses”. Poe’s poem creates a relentless, clanging effect through the repetition of the word “bells,” while Harjo’s repeated use of the phrase “she had some horses” and variations thereof gives her poem poem its incantatory effect, while also deepening its central philosophical conceit of what things are the same and what things are different”.

Seems like I have written this prompt along with the day 6th prompt. 😉



Image result for free animated images of a girl waiting


Here I am,
Sitting on the bench all alone,
Here I am,
Who is singing duet songs alone,
Here I am,
Who is going for couple dance alone,
Here I am,
Checking the couple tattoos alone,
Here I am,
Playing the video game alone,
Here I am,
For a candlelight dinner alone,
Here I am,
Watching the sunset alone,
Here I am,
Going on a long drive alone,
Here I am,
Walking on the beach alone,
Here I am,
Looking at the couple rings alone,
Here I am,
Still dreaming of you alone,
Here I am,
Waiting for my soul-mate alone…..


(c) by Preethi B