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Published 17th April 2018 by viewsofpreethib

17th April’18 – Letter ‘O’

The word I choose for the letter ‘O’ is Obsession.







The quote I choose to go with the word Obsession is- “I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my feelings into words than I am”.

Obsession/ Obsessive about something or someone is an extremely strong feeling. Until and unless your obsession towards something or someone is under your control, which does not harm anyone is fine I guess. As I said earlier, it is an extremely strong feeling, which is difficult for one to come out off. Currently I am obsessed with quotes, poems, short or a little lengthy stories. It could be about love, relation, inspirational or friendship etc. Quotes I usually read on Pinterest, Google, YourQuote and for poems, short or a little lengthy stories I read the post of the bloggers whom I follow.

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Published 10th April 2018 by viewsofpreethib

10th April’18 – Letter ‘I’

The word I choose for the letter ‘I’ is Intimacy.








The quote I choose to go with the word Intimacy is- “Intimacy is not who you let touch you. Intimacy is who you text at 3 a.m about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are”.

Story Time: Anu and Raj were introduced to each-other by common friends. They had met couple of times in get-together & had spoken to each-other couple of times but usually formal. One day Raj accidentally met Anu in a CCD where she was sitting alone reading a novel and enjoying her cold coffee. He requested if he can join her for which she agreed. This time Raj tried speaking informally to know more about her, as he liked her on the very first day they were introduced. At one point of time the conversation gets very personal when Raj frankly tells Anu that he likes her and is interested to take it further if she is feels the same.

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Day 2- NaPoWrimo’18 – Intimacy!

Published 02nd April 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Day 2: Today’s prompt (optional, as always). Taking a cue from our craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that plays with voice. For example, you might try writing a stanza that recounts something in the first-person, followed by a stanza recounting the same incident in the second-person, followed by a stanza that treats the incident from a third-person point of view. Or you might try a poem in the form of a dialogue, which necessarily has two “I” speakers, addressing two “you”s. Another way to go is to take an existing poem of yours or someone else’s, and try rewriting it in a different voice. The point is just to play with who is speaking to who and how. Happy writing!


is making love,
He said, 

You guys,
Just can’t think beyond sex,
She said.

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Day 1-NaPoWriMo’18 – My Precious Love ( Early-Bird Prompt)

Published 01st April 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Day 1- Todays prompt is to write a poem in the form of a love letter . . . to an object. Ideally, the poem will be a kind of riddle, where it’s not totally obvious that the addressee is your beloved childhood pogo stick, or a dish of pad thai from your favorite restaurant, until near the end. This is a great opportunity to play with some of the clichés and tropes of love poetry. 


My Precious Love

You came as a gift,
Into my life,
Rescuing me,
From long awaited,
Drift of deep sorrows.

Poured my heart out,
With no doubts,
No fear,
Of being judged,
By you my Love.

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Miss You!

Published 30th March 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Miss You!

It is hard to pretend,
To say, “I am okay”,
Giving the fake smile,
However, I miss you every day.

Nobody knows your importance,
In my life,
Hiding my emotions,
Controlling myself, I miss you every day.

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Don’t Deserve You!

Published 09th March 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Don’t Deserve You!

Yes, here I confess,
I do have a crush,
Do not know if I am falling in love,
This heart, has to halt now,
Coz, I don’t deserve you at all.

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Emotional Popcorn – 1

Published 01st March 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Trying something new this time. This is my first post under this new category.  Hope you guys like the posts. Please do feel free to leave your comments, suggestions as this can help me to improve.

~~Emotional Popcorn – 1~~

I feel like that kid,
who wants the presence and attention of the person whom they have started liking a lot by expressing my feeling to you…

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