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Published 29th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 29th – Letter “Y” 

Film – Ye Maaya Chesave (2010)
Language – Telugu
Genre – Romantic Drama
Written by – Gautham Menon, Umarji Anuradha
Director – Gautham Menon
Producer – Manjula Ghattamaneni, Sanjay Swaroop
Music Director – A. R. Rahman
Cast – Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Ruth, Prabhu Sudheer Babu
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Story – It is a love story between a young guy called Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) and Jessie (Samantha). Karthik is a mechanical engineering graduate but wishes to be a film director. With the help of his friend Krishna, Karthik gets introduced to the director Puri Jagannadh and request him to take him as his assistant. Meanwhile Karthik family who are Hindus, shits to a new house in the ground floor, which is a two-storied building in which the above house Mr. Thekekuttu a Malayalam Catholic family lives. That is where Karthick for the first time sees Jessie who is two years elder to him and is working. Karthik falls in love with Jessie which is love at first sight; he then follows Jessie every day. One day Karthik express his love to Jessie but gets angry who is afraid to speak to men when her father is around as he is very strict. After that Karthik meets Jessie several times, after which she finally admit she likes him too.

But will Jessie accept his love? Will Jessie’s parents accept Karthik? Will Jessie and Karthik break-up due to family pressure? Will Karthik dream of becoming a filmmaker come true? To get all the answer to these questions you will have to watch this lovely romantic movie.

My Say on the Film – A lovely romantic movie and the songs are pretty good. Movie is focused on the two main leads which is Karthik and Jessie; hence their acting is very good and I must say they have done justice to their roles. The screenplay, cinematography, visual effects is good.

Closing Remarks – In India it is very difficult for both sides of the families to accept an elderly lady to be married to man who is younger than her. This movie brings out a very mature and sensitive topic which is filmed very raw & realistic. Over all is a wonderful movie to watch and that stays in your heart and mind for a very long time.


April 20th – A To Z Challenge 2017 – Letter “Q”

Published 21st April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 20th – Letter “Q” 

Film – Queen (2014)
Language – Hindi
Genre – Comedy Drama
Written by – Anvita dutt Guptan, Kangana Ranaut
Director – Vikas Bahl
Producer – Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Madhu Mantena
Music Director –  Amit Trivedi, Rupesh Kumar Ram
Cast –  Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Lisa Haydon

Story – Rani Mehra (Kangana Ranaut) who is a simple, homely, shy yet enthusiastic, sensitive, timid woman in her early twenties from Delhi. Rani is excited as she is getting married to the man Vijay (Rajkummar Rao) who loves her from collage days. To her shock two days before the wedding Vijay meet’s her in a cafe day and tells her that he does not want to marry her. The reason he gives for not marrying is that since he is back from London he has changed a lot, he is modern, more sophisticated, his standards are more and hence she is no longer his type of girl with whom he wants to settle, as she is still the same simple woman who is not modern. She begs him to marry her and assures him she would change herself as per his likes after the wedding. However, Vijay rejects her and says he will not change his decision, as he no longer wants to marry her.

Rani comes back home crying and locks her up in a room for a whole day. The next day morning she tells her parents she wants to go on her honeymoon. Her parents are shocked, but finally agrees on sending her alone to travel to Paris and Amsterdam. The rest of the story is about her journey in the foreign land, her experience in the foreign land, new friends, and her discovery about her-self. During her travel, Vijay calls her and tells her he wishes to marry her. What made Vijay to call her? Why did he call her? Will Rani and Vijay get back together? To know all the answers to these questions you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Good teamwork, a female oriented movie, beautiful cinematography, good story, acting is good. Fabulous performance by Kangana Ranaut.

Closing Remarks – A movie that shows that a woman can be strong, she can take her decisions, she can overcome any trauma she is going through. A good movie to watch for sure.

April 14th – A To Z Challenge – Letter “L”

Published 14th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 14th – Letter “L ”

Film – Lucia (2013)
Language – Kannada 
Genre – Romantic Psychological Thriller
Written by – Pawan Kumar
Director – Pawan Kumar
Producer – Audience films Home Talkies
Music Director –  Poornachandra Tejaswi, Monish Kumar M.K, Santhosh Narayanan
Cast –  Sathish Ninasam, Sruthi Hariharan
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Story – The story opens with a person admitted in the hospital with life support as he is in a coma. There are two main characters shown in the movie Nikki & Nikhil (Sathish Ninasam) where one is in the dream and the other is in reality where one person plays both roles. One role known as Nikhil who is a famous actor and the other role is of Nikki who is an usher (torch-shiner) in a theatre. The twist in the movie is that both the stories which is of an actor and the other of an usher is shown simultaneously, the actor’s role is shown in black & white and the story of the usher is played in colour. Both the main leads are suffering from insomnia and both yearns for a companion in their life, as they are loners.

Nikki, who is a villager from Mandya, works as an usher in a theatre owned by Shankranna (Achyuth Kumar) in Bangalore. Due to his sleepless nights, one day he is lead to a drug dealer who gives him the pills called “Lucia” which is a solution for his insomnia problem. According to the drug dealer, it can help you sleep but it also has the power to help one dream about anything that they wish, you could be anything in the dream as per your wish and not just that the same dream would continue the next day and the next day and so on until you take the pills. However, there is a side effect with this pill, if one stops taking this pill then their dreams who turn out to be a nightmare. With the help of the pills called Lucia Nikki falls asleep and gets a dream in which he sees himself as a famous actor called Nikhil.

Yes, we do have a heroine in the movie. Nikki the usher is in love with Shwetha (Sruthi Hariharan) who is a server in a pizza hut. Where Nikhil is in love with Shwetha who is a c0-actoress. Rest of the story is about the incidents that take place in their life, which is about love, fights, goons, danger and many things.

To know which life is depicting the reality and which is dream, you have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film –  One of the best Kannada movies that I have loved and watched a couple of times, yes not just once but watched it quite a number of times. Fantastic job, story, acting, cinematography is beautiful.

Closing Remarks – A wonderful movie, very interesting, superb acting and a marvellous story. Loved the movie.

April 12th – A To Z Challenge 2017 – Letter “J”

Published 12th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 12th – Letter “J ”

Film – Janatha Garage (2016)
Language – Telugu
Genre – Action Romantic
Written by – Koratala Siva
Director – Koratala Siva
Producer – Naveen Yerneni
Music Director – Devu Sri Prasad
Cast – Mohanlal, N.T. Rama Rao Jr., Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menen,

Story- Sathyam (Mohanlal) who is a mechanic in a small village shifts to Hyderabad as his brother Shiva (Rahman) insists to stay with them. Shiva opens a workshop for his brother Sathyam names as “Janatha Garage”. One day Sathyam’s friend loses his daughter in an accident but they learn that she was actually raped and murdered. The meet ASP Chandrashekar (SaiKumar Pudipeddi) for help but unfortunately due to having no evidence against them and since they are highly influential they easily get away. Disappointed with the injustice Sathyam and his team decide to punish those guys for their crime. They kill those guys and make it look like an accident.  Slowly people would start recognising Sathyam and would come to him seeking for justice. “Janatha Garage” becomes famous for not just solving the problems with vehicle but also “Everything” for justice.

Meanwhile, Sathya’s brother and sister in-law was murdered as Sathya had murdered a goon while bringing justice to local people. Sathya send’s his brother’s son called Anand with his brother in-law so that he can be safe. As years pass by, Anand (N.T Rama Rao Jr.) grows up and becomes an environmental science graduate. He also works against things which harm the environment. Anandh gets into a fight with a MLA, fearing of Anand’s safety his Suresh (his monther’s brother) sends him to Hyderabad as Anandh is not aware of this past. After coming to Hyderabad Anandh comes across Raghava (Unni Mukundan) who is a very arrogant and end up with a fight with him. Knowing this Sathyam wants to meet Anandh. Anandh comes to meet Sathyam, where Sathyam asks Anandh to join hands with him and be a part of Janatha Garage.

Will Anandh accept to join Janatha Garage? What will be Raghava’s reaction? Will Sathyam and Anandh get to know they are related to each other? To know this, you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – The story is concentrated on the two main character which is Sathyam (Mohanlal) & Anandh (NTR Jr). Acting is superb, good team work.

Closing Remarks – A typical masala movie.


April 11th – A To Z Challenge 2017- Letter “I”

Published 11th April 2017 by viewsofpreethib

April 12th –  Letter “I”

Flim – Ice Princess (2005)
Language – English
Genre – Inspiration
Written by – Hadley Davis from a story by Meg Cabot & Davis
Director – Tim Fywell
Producer – Bridget Johnson
Music Director –  Christphe Beck
Cast –  Joan Cusack, Kim Cattrall, Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Panettiere

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Story – The story is about a teenage girl Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) who is smart, brainy, talented science student. It is time for the students to think about getting into collage, so the students have to start applying for collage during the school. During this time her physics teacher ask Casey if she has been considering about any collage and ask her if she has heard about “Helen Stellar Physics Scholarship” and tells her since she has been scoring A+ on all the physics test, hence she should consider for the Physics Scholarship. For which she will have to do a brilliant-unusual yet personal physics project in her summer holidays so that he can approve it and give her the recommendation letter. Casey discuss the same with her mom and decides on doing the physics project so that she can get scholarship to Harvard University. While watching the skating competition on t.v with her best friend Ann (Amy Stewart), Casey gets an idea on her physics project, according to her there would be aerodynamic formula, as skating is her favourite hobby she decides to do the physics project based on the skaters movements.

She definitely had to take the approval of the skater’s parent and promised them the video of the skaters, which will be shown only to the scholarship community people and nobody else. After explain to the parents about her project she shows them the letter by her teacher, her id proof, letters from the parents whom she had been babysitting and finally the parents agree of her videoing their kids who are getting trained for their regional championships. Well she is working really hard with the project but her best friend tells her it is too dry and she will have to put more of her into it, for which Casey decides to take skating classes so that she can know more about it when she experience it. While Casey is practicing skating for her science project, she enjoys skating a lot and she decides to take up the recital, which is the first step to quality for the regional competition. Casey not just passes to get into the regional but skips two levels and is qualified to compete with Gin (Hayden Panettiere) the trainer’s Tina Harwood (Kim Cattrall) daughter, Nikki Fletcher (Kristen Olson) and Tiffany Lai (Jocelyn Lai). This is when Casey is confused if she wants to purse the physics project or skating.

Casey’s mom Joan Carlyle (Joan Cusack) wants her to do the physics project and she hates skating, hence Casey is stuck. Casey starts having difficulties to manage with the physics project, skating, part-time job and her schoolwork. Due to which Casey’s grades starts falling and her mom prevents her from skating.

Is Tina Harwood happy about Casey directly jumping into the junior level of competition? Will Gin, Tiffany and Nikki accept Casey?
Will Casey take up the physics project as per her mom’s wish or will Casey take up the skating competition as this is what she wants and love to do. To know what happens to Casey you will have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Education is definitely important but you should not forget, what your kid wants or wishes to do. You will have to believe in your kids, you will have to give them the choice as to what they want to do. Kids need their parents support, strength, their trust, their love. Overall a good inspiring movie.

Closing Remarks – Always be there, for your kids. You will definitely fall in love with the ice-skating and would wish to ice-skate at least once. Yes, “Beauty with Brains” is not a myth… 😉






April 10th – AToZ Challenge 2017 – Letter “H”

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April 10th –  Letter “H”

Film – Happy Days (2007)
Language – Telugu
Genre – Comedy
Written by – Sekhar Kammula
Director – Sekhar Kammula
Producer – Sekhar Kammula
Music Director – Mickey C Kumar
Cast – Varun Sandesh, Tamanna Bhatia, Nikhil Siddharth, Sonia Deepti, Vamse Chaganti, Raahul, Gayatri Rao, Monali Chowdary,

Image result for images of the movie happy days telugu

Story – The story begins with the opening scene of eight youngsters who are nervous, as it is their first day of their Bachelors in Engineering (BE) college who have joined to Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology. All the eight young students are from different schools, background, upbringing; they are also different and unique in their own ways. The movie revolves around eight main characters who are Chandu (Varun Sandesh), Madhu (Tamannaah), Rajesh (Nikhil Siddharth), Appu (Gayatri Rao), Tyson (Rahul), Shravanthi (Sonia Deepti) is actually the senior of these seven, Shankar (Vamse Chaganti) and Sangeetha (Monali Chowdary).

First day of their BE they all are raged by their seniors. After which the eight of them introduced themselves to each other and they get a feeling as they are connected and instantly become friends. While they start going into their classroom two of their seniors stop all of them and commands them to write their imposition ten times due to which they end up missing their class. Out of these seven Shakar escapes from writing the notes as he tells them he has to attend the class and be a topper so that he can shift to another department in the second year. Tyson is attracted to his senior Sonia at the very first sight and he asks her name when he was raged by their seniors. While writing the notes Rajesh appreciates Tyson for being so brave enough to hit on his senior. Well the first day of their engineering college passes by with a bit of rough and a smooth day.

The story is about how they get to know each other well, the fun they have, their first crush, their first love, their emotions, fights with the seniors and among themselves, hostel experiences, crushes on their professors, honest friendship, travel, parties, combine studies, friends with benefits, going through betrayals, break-up, and being strong, their achievements, their failure, exam tension, vacations and many more. It shows us about the concerned and worried parents.  But at the end it is also about how strong, motivated, determined they are towards their studies, the hard work they put in to score well, their focus on their profession, career. To know what are the twists & turns & how their relationship would be in the four year of the college life, you have to watch the movie.

My Say on the Film – Story of the student’s life shown beautiful. The student’s emotions, the ragging, their metal state, the strength, weakness, their determination, mind-set, I can go on and on. Over all a good movie.

Closing Remarks – Every person can connect to this movie. (LOL 😀 I must share this; the entrance of the English Professor and all the guys in the class having a crush on her is something I recall during my first year degree course. And how can I forget to mention about sitting in the last bench in the classroom and chatting via sms with friends, and singing in a low tone, playing few games like flames, percentage, pencil paper, dots & crosses etc).

April 8th – A to Z Challenge 2017 -Letter “G”

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April 8th – Letter “G”


Film – Gaalipata (2008)
Language – Kannada
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Written by – Yogaraj Bhat
Director – Yogaraj Bhat
Producer – Suryaprakash Rao
Music Director – V. Harikrishna
Cast – Ganesh, Anant Nag, Rajesh Krishnan, Diganth, Daisy Bopanna, Neethu, Bhavana Rao


Image result for images of the gaalipata movie


Story – The story is about three childhood friends and their love story. The three friend’s nature are different from each other. Ganesh (Ganesh) who is an MBA graduate is a jolly-go-lucky guy, fun filled, lively, extrovert person who keeps talking & eating all the time, Diganth (Diganth) who is a medical student is a cute, spontaneous & a prankster and whereas Kitty (Rajesh Krishnan) is an engineer, a very silent, reserved, cool guy. They are all living together in Bangalore in a rented flat.

On a weekend, in the night kitty gets drunk, while driving he loses the balance and crashes the bars where the cop is there, they get caught by the cop for drink and drive. Gani (Ganesh) is trying to convince the cop to leave them but the cop does not agree, meanwhile Diganth calls up a person under MLA (Rangayana Raghu who is Gani’s father), by using the political influence they get away from the cop. Next Day Gani’s parent visit him after getting the news by the cops of the drink and drive case. Diganth sees them getting down from the car through the window, and plays a prank by keeping the empty alcohol bottles near Gani who is sleeping on a red beanbag. Ganis’ parent see his and thinks he is drunk and his father blast him and ask him to come back home but Gani disagrees, his parent return back disappointed. All the three are fed-up with their routine life and especially kitty who broke up with his girlfriend a year back but still not over her. Hence, they decide to go on a vacation to a village called Muglipete (255 km away from Bangalore) where Diganth’s grandfather lives.

Muglipete one of the best creation, a beautiful place which is foggy most of the time, beautiful weather, very cloudy, greenery everywhere. They reach Muglipete to Diganth’s grandfather house but nobody seems to be there and they hear a sound. They look around the place and suddenly a dark well-built man stands up and all of them gets frightened. Diganth tells Gani that he must be the helper, his grandfather had told him he is deaf and dumb who shall guide them to the place where his grandfather is there. The helper runs and they follow him in the car where he leads them to a house. They stop the car get down and wait near looking at the entrance of the house. Meanwhile a young girl gets into the car starts it and hit Diganth who falls on the car and crashes the car hitting a hut, Diganth falls down and gets his back hurt, the young girl starts screaming so Gani sits inside the car shuts her mouth and take the car reverse. The young girl’s mom blast her & hit for her notorious act for which she pushes her mom and runs away, then her mom and two elder sis runs behind her. All the three guy’s are invited to the house. Diganth’s grandfather introduce them to his friend Kodandaram and his family. Kodandaram (Anath Nagh) a hunter but two years back while hunting a wild boar accidently he is injured and become handicapped due to which he can no longer walk.  His wife Padma (Padmaja Rao), his daughter-in-law Sowmya (Daisy Bopanna) who is a widow, a gold medallist in MA Kannada.  Kodandaram’s elder daughter Radha (Neethu) who has completed her BSc and is doing a Ayurveda course in the village and his younger daughter Pavani (Bhavana Rao) who completed her SSLC and is back to village after her father’s injury say’s to be doing PUC but nobody has seen her attending the classes.

Gani who gets to know about the incident, which led Kodandaram handicapped while hunting the wild boar, is not keen on hunting the wild boar and eat it. Gani encourages Kodandaram to hunt the wild boar along with them, as he is handicapped from two years due to that wild boar. Kodandaram join them and they fail terribly, on their second try Diganth is accidently shot on his chest by Kodandaram’s riffle but thankfully, it hits the gong around his neck and leaves him injured. Kodandaram’s wife and his three daughters are wild on him and warns them not go for hunting again.

Meanwhile, Diganth falls in love with Radha who also slowly responds to his feelings, Neethu falls in love with Kitty but he is confused as he is unable to forget his first love but later accepts her. Gani is in love with Sowmya but does not respond to his feelings though she likes him. Would they all go hunting the wild –boar again? Will Sowmya respond to Gani’s feelings or not? To know more watch the movie.

My Say on the Film –The songs, scenery, the acting, the comedy, the thrill, overall a superb movie. Awesome timing of the movie.

Closing Remarks – An entertaining movie. You will definitely not regret watching it.