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YourQuote – Post 13 a&b – Anamika/ Anjaan!

Published 02nd September 2018 by viewsofpreethib

I wrote Anamika first then I did a small change and posted it as Anjaan again. So clubbing both the version in the same post.

Version 1 – Anamika(Anonymous)!

Tumare liye,
Mein, Mein ho Kar bhi Anjaani Hoon…

-(c) by Preethi.B
(11th Aug’18)

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YourQuote – Post 12 – Break Silence!

Published 05th August 2018 by viewsofpreethib

My 12th attempt of YourQuote.Had written this long back but posting it on YQ this day.

Break Silence!

My soul can rest in peace,
When you break your silence.

-(c) by Preethi.B
(30th May’18 @00:42)


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