Day 4 – NaPoWriMo’2020 – Weird Dream!

Published 07th April 2020 by viewsofpreethib

Day 4 – Our prompt for the day (optional as always) takes its cue from our gently odd resources, and asks you to write a poem based on an image from a dream. We don’t always remember our dreams, but images or ideas from them often stick with us for a very long time. I definitely have some nightmares I haven’t been able to forget, but I’ve also witnessed very lovely things in dreams (like snow falling on a flood-lit field bordered by fir trees, as seen through a plate glass window in a very warm and inviting kitchen). Need an example of a poem rooted in dream-based imagery? Try this one by Michael Collier.


Weird Dream!

I got this weird dream,
My house is filled with relatives & friends, all are busy,
Like a typical South Indian traditional gathering,
All the arrangements & decorations in the house is just amazing,
What’s the occasion? I wonder, standing alone gazing,
Some ladies with mom take me for dressing,
I’m decked up like a bride, Oh my God it’s my wedding?
Who’s the groom, I have never seen or met him,
How does he look, how he sounds, what’s happening?
I am pulled to the mantap & the pujari is chanting,
Relatives, friends, brother, parent are looking at me & smiling,
Who’s the guy? Where is he? I’m still wondering,
Rituals taking place & suddenly they announce “I AM MARRIED”,
How could the Mangal Sutra be on my neck when the groom is still missing,
I beg, if someone can please answer my query,
Please tell me, How the hell am I married without the groom? It is shocking!

-© by Preethi.B
(6th April’2020)





Day 3 – NaPoWrimo’2020 -Unity is Strength!

Published 06th April 2020 by viewsofpreethib

Day 3 – Today’s prompt (i.e on 3rd April’2020 -optional, as always) asks you to make use of our resource for the day. First, make a list of ten words. You can generate this list however you’d like – pull a book off the shelf and find ten words you like, name ten things you can see from where you’re sitting, etc. Now, for each word, use Rhymezone to identify two to four similar-sounding or rhyming words. For example, if my word is “salt,” my similar words might be “belt,” “silt,” “sailed,” and “sell-out.”

Once you’ve assembled your complete list, work on writing a poem using your new “word bank.” You don’t have to use every word, of course, but try to play as much with sound as possible, repeating sounds and echoing back to others using your rhyming and similar words.

10 Random words I chose from a Tarot Card bookforetold, venture, anxiety, bold, fulfilled, stubborn, triumph, stability, strength & attitude.

Words from Rhymezone are – length, health, silently, ability, untorn, told.

Unity is Strength!

In unity there is strength,
A famous saying at length,
Will people unite for sake of health?

In this hour of anxiety,
People are supporting each other silently,
There will be triumph, if everyone shows stability,
As God is testing each and everyone’s ability.

People displayed their unity being stubborn,
Whole India lit diya’s, candles & stood together untorn,
5th April’2020 will be history, nobody foretold,
As every person fought against corona virus being bold,
Stay home, stay safe was followed, our Prime Minister told!

-© by Preethi.B
(5th April’2020)




Day 2 – NaPoWrimo’2020 – My Favourite Spiritual Place!

Published 05th April 2020 by viewsofpreethib

Day 2 – Today’s Prompt (2nd April’2020) – Our (optional) prompt for the day takes a leaf from Schuyler’s book, as it were, and asks you to write a poem about a specific place — a particular house or store or school or office. Try to incorporate concrete details, like street names, distances (“three and a half blocks from the post office”), the types of trees or flowers, the color of the shirts on the people you remember there. Little details like this can really help the reader imagine not only the place, but its mood – and can take your poem to weird and wild places.


My Favourite Spiritual Place!

The Spiritual centre is 6km away from my residence,
In the city centre, on the busiest road is the entrance,
The security welcomes with a smile taking attendance,
Flowers, ferns & feathers on the path, gives a feeling of angelic presence.

Beautiful interiors, comfortable sofa, elevator, reception, it isn’t an apartment,
On the 3rd floor, wide hall with posters of Master’s Spiritual messages,
A yellow wall with Master’s picture & peacock feathers besides it,
Sunlight on white marble floor, pleasing, loving, serene location.

Smoothing, aromatic incenses, veranda with greenery and seating’s,
On the duplex hall, meditation brings a mystic experience by Master’s blessings,
My soul craved to runaway & be in solace,
And I finally found my tranquil in the hour of heartache.

When they play Om Mani Padme hum, soul awakens,
Bruises of emotional, mental & soul body are attended,
Healing of the soul happens in a deep amazing level,
One would find oneself, in the true holy spiritual essence.

It’s a place that brings back love, hope, peace & happiness,
Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Of Karnataka,
Is my favourite spiritual location!

-(c) by Preethi.B
(4th April’2020)







Day 1 – NaPoWrimo’2020 – My Life is like Water!

Published 04th April 2020 by viewsofpreethib

Day 1 – Today’s Prompt (given on 1st April’2020)- Today, however, I’d like to challenge you to write a self-portrait poem in which you make a specific action a metaphor for your life – one that typically isn’t done all that often, or only in specific circumstances. For example, bowling, or shopping for socks, or shoveling snow, or teaching a child to tie its shoes.

My Life is Like Water!

My life is like Water,
It flows in the direction as God alter,
With ups & downs, twists & curves, stagnant or wanders,

My life is like Water,
What goes in, is absorbed with matter,
It’s plain or colourful, sweet or bitter, thick or thinner, tasteless or spicier.

My life is like Water,
It changes like the nature,
Gloomy or happier, Harsh or kinder, soft or stronger, naive or wiser, clam or clamor.

My life is like Water,
It’s unpredictable yet predictable with an eccentric character,
Controlled & flowed by the crux of future!

-(c) by Preethi.B
(3rd April’2020)



Day 0 (EarlyBird) – NaPoWriMo’2020 – Hey Birdie!

Published 02nd April 2020 by viewsofpreethib

Day 0 – (Today’s Prompt) which was given on 31st March’2020) – An early-bird prompt, I’d like to invite you to write a poem about your favorite bird.

Hey Birdie!

Who’s there, hiding near my window,
Visiting me in the noon, with a mellow,
Oh! You gorgeous little feathered creature,
Chirping & flying around the creepers.

I whistle, trying to catch your attention,
You look here & there as you flutter,
Thanks to quaratine, I have a beautiful visitor,
Tiny long beaked birdie, one of god’s best creation.

Would you please mind to come a little closer,
Or could you please sit on my finger,
Can I take a selfie with you my dear?
As I can flaunt away being admired.

Hey birdie, would you visit me again tomorrow?
Shall I wait for you everyday near my window?
Can I sing & dance along with your mellow?
Would you bring back a smile on my face with a glow?

-(c) by Preethi.B
(2nd April’2020)





YourQuote – I Shut My Eyes!

Published 29th October 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Well, posting here after a long time… I have not been active here but I was a little active on YourQuote lately. But, This was something I really had to share on my blog too and not just on YourQuote.

Depression is something many people Suffer Silently. And this is something that just can’t be ignored & needs everyone’s attention, time, support, understanding to help those who are suffering. It is high time people are educated more about it to identify them and help those silent sufferers…

Pls Identify those suffering from depression & request everyone to be more affectionate, caring & empathetic towards them.

They might be always smiling in front of everyone but you have no idea what difficult battles they are fighting in their, “MIND with painful thoughts, HEART with painful emotions & SOUL looking forward for an end desperately to be free from all obligations.” As Suicide is a permanent answer for all the pain and misery. 

And you never know when depression can lead to “Suicide”. And mind you, they are not a “Coward”. You have no idea the battles they have fought, they are still fighting and fear of fighting in the future too. You have no idea what they have been through. Try to listen, understand, be caring, supporting rather than judging them, giving them labels and bring more pain to them…

Please be kind to everyone, if you can’t make someone smile it’s ok but at least don’t be the reason for their pain & misery.

Last but not the least, Thanks to YourQuote for this challenge to write something on Sylvia Plath’s birthday. Hence, taking this opportunity to speak my heart out on depression…

On 29th April’18 I came across SylviaPlath’s poetry as we had received a prompt by NapoWrimo to pick one of her poem & write a response to it.
That was the 1st time I had the opportunity to know about her & her poems & to write related to her poem. (If you would like to read my poem on the prompt then please find the link below for the same

And now this is my 2nd opportunity to write something for her.


YourQuote Challene:
It’s Sylvia Plath’s birthday! Complete this quote in your own words.

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is born again. (I think I made you up inside my head.)” – Mad Girl’s Love Song

Trigger warning: Mental illness & suicide.

She’s known for her poetry worldwide. She suffered from clinical depression. At first she tried overdosing on pills. Later she killed herself at the age of 30 by sticking her head in an oven.

People may look okay, have great careers but be suffering. Watch out. Care.

#Collab Challenge #YourQuoteAndMine
Collaborating with YourQuote Baba
#suicidalthoughts #suicidenote

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YourQuote – Post 13 a&b – Anamika/ Anjaan!

Published 02nd September 2018 by viewsofpreethib

I wrote Anamika first then I did a small change and posted it as Anjaan again. So clubbing both the version in the same post.

Version 1 – Anamika(Anonymous)!

Tumare liye,
Mein, Mein ho Kar bhi Anjaani Hoon…

-(c) by Preethi.B
(11th Aug’18)

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YourQuote – Post 12 – Break Silence!

Published 05th August 2018 by viewsofpreethib

My 12th attempt of YourQuote.Had written this long back but posting it on YQ this day.

Break Silence!

My soul can rest in peace,
When you break your silence.

-(c) by Preethi.B
(30th May’18 @00:42)


#silence #breaksilence #silentpain #silenceistorture #silenceismorepainful #soul #restinpeace #soulrestinpeace

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YourQuote – Post 11 – The End!

Published 05th August 2018 by viewsofpreethib

My 11th attempt of YourQuote.

Tried to attempt “A Tiny Story/Tale”. Had written this  tiny tale long back but posting it today.

The End!

She was waiting for the right time to accept his proposal.
But his one act, her discomfort, their misunderstanding lead towards a breakup even before it began.

-(c) by Preethi.B
(25th July’18)


#breakup #theend #endofrelationship #endoffeelings #endbeforebegining #endofstory #endofrelationship #endoflovestory

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YourQuote – Post 7g – Letter to Friend 7

Published 05th August 2018 by viewsofpreethib

Continue of the 5th post on the challenge by YourQuote Postman on a special occasion for friendship day. The challenge is to write 7 Letters to 7 Friends from 30th July’18 to 5th August’18. 

Last but not the least, here goes my 5th attempt of YQ challenge for friendship day by YourQuote Postman on & 7 Letters to 7 Friends, so here goes my 7th letter to my 7th friend.

Dear Neer (Friend7),

-(c) by Preethi.B
(5th Aug’18)

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